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Activations - a series of conversations

Activations is a series of conversations with contributors to the online archive of the future. In these conversations series contributors present their works and discuss recent developments and observations on newly emerging and strengthened “We-“Identities as its starting point. It questions and reflects on these trends that have been shaping our worlds in the present: on culture wars, debates on queer politics, demonization of religions, racism, identity politics, animal rights etc. At the same time the conversation series invites contributors to the future archive “100 Ways to Say We” to present their approaches and proposals for a potential “We” – one that is set in an unknown future, departing from the present or the past asking and discussing the questions: Who is “We”? Who says “We” on behalf of whom? Who has the right to do that, who is excluded, and who defines who is heard? And most importantly: Who do we want to be?

Activation #1 - Who do we want to be?
November, 6 2021 / Centro Sociale Rivolta, Venice
The first conversation took place at the launch marathon event in Venice within the context of Performing Architecture at Venice Biennale of Architecture. Critical scholar, social justice activist and writer Rhada D’Souza, performer & activist Brandy Butler, and political philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi discussed and shared their ideas and concerns and potentials of the concept of “We”. The conversation was moderated by Gilda Sahebi.

Activation #2 - Who do we want to be?
March, 27 2022 / Online
In this edition Asmaa Jama, a Danish-born Somali artist and poet, meets Adrian Notz, curator at the ETH AI Center, and Riar Rizaldi, artist and filmmaker from Indonesia.
Moderation: Nikolai E. Prawdzic.

Activation #3 - How do we want to be?
April, 26 2022 / Online
In this issue the artists Goldendean aka Dean Hutton, Abraham Hurtado, akramul momen and Benjamin Burger meet and discuss the potentiality of physical change, what bodies want and what bodies need. Moderation: Hayat Erdoğan

Activation #4 - Where do we want to be?
May, 31 2022 / Online
The artists Angelo Vermeulen (SEADS) and Yassine Rachidi meet the architect Marvi Mazhar in the fourth episode to talk about the construction of places in the future conceptionally as well as literally. Moderation: Hayat Erdoğan & Lucia Salomé Gränicher

Activation #5 - What do we want to be?
June, 20 2022 / Online
In the fifth and for the time being last episode the artists Zhao Chuan, Dragonfly and writer Ibrahim Nehme meet to exchange their work and thoughts. Moderation: Nikolai Eneas Prawdzic